Black cat tropical hawaiian shirt

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I’m not giving in to that idea. I’m from nyc. There are too many of us to say hello each morning but we came together through strikes, power failures, 911. We all still care. It’s those fuckin republicans who politicize everything. Black cat tropical hawaiian shirt. Put us one against each other every chance they get. I know good people in the rural town I live in now who would help their neighbors anyway they can but won’t wear a mask to show solidarity to the moron they think is fighting the socialist overthrow of our heat country. Good hearted but brain washed sweet hearts

Black cat tropical hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

That is because we have 50 separate states with 2 political parties fighting over wearing a mask and follow expert guidelines because it impedes on their freedoms. This has exposed us as a country not equipped to handle a crisis like this. Plus it doesn’t help to have an imbecile as a president who shirks responsibility and passes the buck the states while systematically reducing or eliminating federal resources that states need. How are countries with a national federal Healthcare system doing. Black cat tropical hawaiian shirt. You may not like the message, but the science doesn’t lie. Spend anytime in an ER in Florida and you would be shocked. Out 30 patients admitted, 27 C-19 Positive. Believe in Science, Believe in Math, Believe in what is true. Dr. Fauci is telling us the truth, as unpleasant as it is, and we are at the point of nothing simple helping. Check out your DEPT of Health page, check out the statistic with John Hopkins, we are in a pandemic. Be Safe, Mask Up and use Societal Precautions avoiding crowds.

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