Black cat wash your paws poster

Do you want it? Black cat wash your paws poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Is anyone on either side waiting for debates? I plan on having my absentee ballot in by the end of September. Black cat wash your paws poster. Biden could stand and stare into space and not say anything in all debates and I would still vote for him. I am looking forward to Harris wiping the floor with Pence though.

Black cat wash your paws poster

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The sad thing is Dave, you’ve just become so entrenched in one mindset that you don’t have the moral courage to see trump for what he is and know he’s the wrong choice. You probably believe all the clichés and cheap name calling and carry that through by trolling pages like this just to get reactions that make you feel all smug and self satisfied – “Hey, look what I achieved today, I wound up a bunch of liberals!”. Take a good long look at yourself. Bet you spend more time hating on the other guy rather than seriously looking at your own. Black cat wash your paws poster. Think about that. When are you and Kamala hitting the trails even virtual we need some good words not tv ads. Dont wanna hear about the pandemic but about other issues. We know we screwed in this pandemic situation but what you gonna do when 2021 hit? Trumps causing deaths in many areas of this country and WE the PEOPLE have had it with this blabber mouth. Get ready for Joe and Kamala to work together and accept the fact that WE are taking this country away from this Cult Leader and all his brainwashed flock!! His days in the White House are numbered. Cult Leaders and braggarts usually DO get Gods Justice!!! A real Cess Pool is the People’s House and a governmental change is fast in the way

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