Black girl flower poster

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It would be different if President Trump said something along the lines of “this job takes more out of you than I realized and yes you have to take time away” and owned changing his mind around taking time away from the Oval Office. Black girl flower poster. But he has not and will not.

Black girl flower poster

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poster – A4
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poster – A3
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poster – A2

That’s the point. The job is a stressful one and thus time away is deserved. But to criticize someone for it only to do it yourself – at a higher frequency – without owning your own words is ridiculous. Obama and Biden lie and get their cronies to investigate and sabotage Trump and his administration in regards to Russia.Thanks for asking! Just something trump made up and his supporters ran with it. I asked a trump supporter what Obama has done. Black girl flower poster. He keep defecting. The more he defected the more I asked what he did wrong. He got mad at me and blocked me. They have no answers!!! Trump didn’t realize as a candidate that he could do his job as president 10 times better than Obama, which in turn, left him more time to play golf. No deflection at all. It is a travesty this country and our current administration dismissed Covid. I find it quite interesting that Obamagate is the focus of so many. Simply wondering if they can substantiate or explain the propaganda they support. Tell that to the 100,000 dead and the tanked economy. Did Obama tank the economy and let a pandemic kill 100,000 Americans? Because I don’t remember that. Gabby Oster God knows he needs it. And his clubs enjoy the constant cash infusion to the tune of $174 Million Dollars.

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