Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes Poster

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These are the same fools voting Red when their own party cheated them out of the election. Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes Poster. They need a wake up reality check. The DNC is very corrupt and they are impeding a free process. We are going to make sure the Oval Office is safe this upcoming November! We need to protect our values, our citizens, these Democrats from self-destruction too, lmao. Mr. Sanders for your service to the people of this country. You work so hard for us. You are a hero and I will always look to you for progress, humanity, and hope.

Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes Poster

Black Nurse Superheroes Iron Man Poster - A4
Poster – A4

I wonder how many people risked their lives to vote for you yesterday and you are just abandoning them. You aren’t giving everyone the chance to vote. I am so disappointed. Because nothing could turn it around at this point. This sucks, but it shouldn’t need to be dumbed down for you. Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes Poster. That is a ridiculous thing to say. Sanders has faught for us his entire life. He pulled the party, kicking and screaming, to the left. He has shown us the path. It’s sad, but at this point he wasn’t going to win, so he isn’t going to have more people put in danger to get to the polls. He started a movement, but a movement is bigger than any one man. This movement doesn’t stop because one man stepped down from a race he wasn’t going to win. It’s up to us now.

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