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Respect Senator Sanders. I voted for you both times, zero regrets. You spoke my language. Your ideas are correct, you helped re-energize the workers. We will continue to fight for the right to unionize, M4A, and other progressive propositions you advocated throughout your career. Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes. We will fight to end the vassalage of American workers, and eventually workers throughout the world. Be safe, take care of yourself, and thank you. A word to the wise to everyone in this group, Robert Dieder is absolutely a troll if you look at his profile page it’s filled with nothing but rhetoric denouncing Sanders from the very beginning. He’s here solely as a soulless individual trying to create dissent and aggravation. It is best to leave the soulless and foolish agents of a corrupt system alone or they will just contaminate all of us who have any shred of decency and morality.

Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes Shirt

Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes hoodie
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I agree, and do see this campaign as an investment. Not all investments come fruition in the short or medium term. It’s the longer vision that is important. And this campaign sowed the seeds of much more seismic change in people’s minds about the political economy of this country specifically, and capitalism more broadly. To refuse to fight for Mother Earth is more reprehensible. Do you think what is happening to our climate is a “hoax,” Believe me, the children know exactly what is happening. Black Nurse Marvel Superheroes. Have you missed Greta Thunberg’s messages. I know Bernie wil continue the fight for the people.and even when the DNC stole the nomination from him again. He still will help them to try to win. But Biden will never be president. And the DNC will never admit that is their fault. They will blame Bernie for their lost.

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