Black and Orange Witch Wreath

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There are far too many populist leaders who look away from science in many important matters, unfortunately Bolsonaro is not the worst. Black and Orange Witch Wreath. Nature, wildlife and humans have to pay the price.

Black and Orange Witch Wreath

Black and Orange Witch Wreath- pic 1
Wreath- pic 1

Why don’t u take care of california fires and let Brasil handle his … funny fact u burn all ur forest and want to take care of ur neighbors go f self .. The Sahara used to be a forest. Europe used to be a forest. The Middle East used to be a forest. And America. It’s what man does. We chop and burn forests. Black and Orange Witch Wreath. Bolsonaro and Trump in a perpetual contest to see who’s the biggest blight on the planet. Too close to call at the moment. It’s to horrible to imagine that that the Amazon won’t exist has we know it. What will happen to the humans or all the animals living there. Or how are we going to continue getting free oxygen. We sure don’t and we might not have that privilege in the future – the saddest part is those least responsible will pay the highest price. the sad thing some of us don’t want this. We’re willing to compromise to save the planet for future generations. It’s older people stuck in their old ways that’s ruining everything. If that was possible I gladly would. But in reality that’s not going to happen and we’ll all just end up destroying everything. Hindi ko inisip na balang araw ay mamuhunan ako ng aking pera sa bitcoin dahil sa maraming scam at peligro na kasangkot dito..Nagalit ako ng sobra dahil mayroon akong pamilya na dapat alagaan nang mabuti..

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