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Being predictable instead of random increases safety. I always think, “Are they wanting to get killed?” when I see that. but also feel like some cities did a poor job at infrastructure, some roads are long without many crosswalks or intersections. Blessed to be called Nana. Know on rural roads with the farms the mail boxes are across the street from their driveway.

Blessed to be called Nana

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Blessed to be called Nana hoodie
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Just seems like a lot of afterthoughts. People who cross busy streets looking down at their phones and not where they’re going are going to be hit by cars, buses, etc. Watch where you’re going – nothing is that important! Unless you have collision insurance on your bike or yourself and pay taxes for each, Stay off the roads! Because pedestrians and cyclist believe they can just take up as much as the road as they want no matter how much traffic is out there. Vehicle cannot stop on a dime. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a pedestrian cross against the crossing walk light. If there is a Crossing walk light you have to obey it. If there’s not you have to make sure there is no immediate oncoming traffic before you cross. You just can’t expect across the street in front of a car znd expect it to come to a screeching halt. Cities everywhere should be gearing their transportation systems to favor cyclists. More bikes and fewer cars – that’s what we need. Justin Basham. Laughing and making light of others disabilities is the exact reason why cyclists are so disrespectful and self centered towards others on the road, but to each their own. Blessed to be called Nana. Treva BRoark, dude, you totally mischaracterized my comment from word go, to make it about your sob story. Now you’re going even further to make a sweeping generalization to claim that cyclists are disrespectful and self centered. Cyclists are just trying not to get killed out there while doing something healthy for themselves and the environment.

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