The Blues Brothers Band Poster

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If there’s anytime not to be politically correct, be tiptoeing around, being reserved is now. The Blues Brothers Band Poster. Why aren’t you showing outrage and disgust at Donald J Trump. Besides all of the past crimes against the American he and his people have done directly and indirectly towards the American people, the situation with COVID 19 is his fault.

The Blues Brothers Band Poster

The Blues Brothers Band Poster - A2
Poster – A2
The Blues Brothers Band Poster - A3
Poster – A3
The Blues Brothers Band Poster - A4
Poster – A4

There’s no doubt about it. You don’e need a million judges and minths of legal debate to pin this on him. Yes of course he’s not responsible for the virus. What he is respmsib;e for is cutting back, cutting out, compromising the missions of varipos science and health agencies of this country over the last several years. He sabotaged this countries ability to respond the COVID 19 virus. We knew about it since last year – hence the 19 designation in COVID 19. Dealing with this virus did not need for us to have a cure to deal with it. The Blues Brothers Band Poster. We don’t normally look for fighting the virus. That research normally takes years. NOw is the time for all men and women of good conscience to have the courage to call Donald J Trump on the carpet for his misdeeds. You need to do it, sir. You must do it. If you don’t you are just as guilty – if not worse – for doing something to make this man pay for what he has done – sabotage – again of the United States of America – as well as adding to the health crisis of nation across planet Earth.

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