BMW cloth mask

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Umhhh…..BMW cloth mask. I’m pretty sure enough alcohol and an electric fence gonna make for a messy evening.

BMW cloth mask

BMW cloth mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

What’s next a mixed drink vending machine. Especially those who riot and loot following the accidental death of a belligerent thug whilst in police custody. What if those already sick and drunk didn’t notice the fence at all and cannot feel anything. He might be dead. Kidding. Hmm drunks and an electric fence… gonna be shoving each other into it, seeing who can hold on the longest. BMW cloth mask. Yup, good job. Drunk people might not feel any pain at the moment but when the drinks clear off their eyes they will feel the pain so it’s still.the same. exactly because one place where the people wont be inebriated and aren’t likely to touch an electric wire is the pub. I don’t know but electricity and drunks don’t go well together speaking fr own experience but let’s go with it fr a while lol. The aliens are going to love this because it will make it easier to anally rape the President for 70 million Gfui24r years. Is it really true that he was “born” in Area 51 and that’s the reason he won’t release his Birth Certificate and his tax returns? (asking for a friend). You Don’t Consider Them Human Because They Are Not Americans…… The truth is they are human and they deserve our help… The people who are forced to be SLAVES in Libya…. The only way to get this done is to ask the MOST HIGH to go before and behind us…

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