Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints and Poster

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Obama, with as much war as he was pushing in other areas aside, had made a deal with Iran to pay them a large amount of money, to make up for sanctions we had placed on them which were causing poverty and children to die, etc, and to pacify the country into upholding the Iran nuclear deal. Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints and Poster. They accept.

Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints and Poster

Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints - Medium
Canvas Art Prints – Medium
Boba Fett Poster
Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints -Small
Canvas Art Prints -Small

Trump becomes president and pulls out of Iran deal. Replaces sanctions, especially on medicine, breaking the rules of the now US-absent deal. Trump later pulls people from a US embassy in Iraq, it then gets attacked (most likely by ISIS or some other radical group) and in response, Trump orders bombings in the area targeted at the wrong groups of people, i.e. those who had defected from opposition and on our side in the region. They become upset and start protesting at the embassy, so Trump becomes upset about this, while at the same time having a meme war with Soleimani on twitter. Boba Fett Canvas Art Prints and Poster. Trump gets impeached, and while constantly being pressured by any number of those in his administration who are warhawks to the bone, I guess decides to make/okay a move that will both distract the media from that topic, and make his base rally against what would be seen by any sane person as an act of war. Soleimani, a top general, while on on his way back from an Iraq-Saudi meeting to reduce tensions between the two countries, gets a strike ordered on him by Trump as soon as he leaves the airport, while he was carrying the response from said meeting. He was not on a battlefield, and the Whitehouse has presented no proof that Soleimani had any plans to attack forces here or abroad, despite what they claim = illegal war crime.

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