Bob’s burgers tina quarantina shirt and sweatshirt

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People spend thousands on it and the cruises were refusing to do refunds/ rescheduling like airlines. Bob’s burgers tina quarantina. So a lot of people just take a chance rather than wasting the money.

Bob’s burgers tina quarantina

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Bob's burgers tina quarantina sweatshirt
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You are missing the point. Bob’s burgers tina quarantina. The cruise line should Not have boarded people and taken them on this cruise. No cruise in simple English. the people should have bought insurance in case cancellation became necessary. Whenever I travel,I always take the travel insurance. I would have lost the money rather than risk my life. Prayers for Coronavirus victims and families, plus front line workers selflessly risking their lives – wherever they may be. Those ships where on long cruises which started long before the pandemic hit the cruise industry. They have been trying to get home to their home port. Not a lot of empathy for people who decided to leave on a cruise on March 7th. No excuse for such irresponsibility. Not on their part. Not on the cruise company’s part. Very selfish of both the company and every single person on that ship. You can’t convince me that they didn’t know they were acting in defiance of worldwide medical protocol meant to stop the pandemic. Chris Patterson oh March 7… that was definitely irresponsible. We canceled a short flight that was supposed to take place March 6. But some were mad at me at that time for doing it. still it’s common sense and hindsight. Some people don’t want to know. Just like companies wanting to collect those coins to the very end.

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