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If you believe in due process, you should be supporting congress in trying to get down to the truth. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Heart Poster. This would mean a fair trial in the senate with all witnesses from both sides.

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Heart Poster

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But given your comment, I find it dubious you even know what due process means. Hey Brits, see what we have to live with ever since people bought the rich man’s idea that education is not as important as the rich man’s bank account and started voting Republican? Never stop educating your people and definitely always fund the arts or you end up with this nonsense running your government. You will still have a republican president. This isn’t about republican/democrat or capitalism/socialism. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Heart Poster. It’s about removing a president that is abusing his power and position. I think it’s great that Alaska’s Republican Senator is speaking out about her concerns about how the trial is being conducted. She is definitely not the only Republican who feels this way. Her constituents are lucky to have her. Sami Smitten what’s sad is that you fully expect this to be a partisan vote. Do you comprehend what is at stake? The republicans will be setting a very dangerous precedent for future presidents. She and every senator SHOULD BE concerned about the pre-trial vow of the majority leader to acquit before the proceedings have even begun. A clear violation of their oath. Now keep in mind, if he were a juror in a criminal case, working in conjunction with the defense attorney, and pledged to work through the trial with the defense, it would end in charges filed, a mistrial and a disbarred attorney. But it’s ok with you now to get trump off the hook? Pathetic.

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