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People don’t want to work towards a better life anymore, they are too content being paycheck to paycheck. Born To Run Signature Poster. Cost of living too high, go somewhere else.

Born To Run Signature Poster

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Poster – A1

Not making more than minimum wage? Learn a trade or make yourself valuable as an employee. Know your worth and demand your pay, or find a company willing to pay you. Invest in yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. Tedesco you don’t know crap about to say this crap…my hubby died in 09 which put everything on me by myself. Born To Run Signature Poster. I worked Aerospace for 30 yrs we never ever spent beyond our means ever my quote is not just for myself it’s for everyone…so get off your high horse and lord forbid you lose a spouse or other tragedy strikes. Spencer hey guess what, everyone has problems. It’s called planning for the future. I’m sorry for your loss, but there is a thing called life insurance. It’s there for a reason. I’ll be dammed if I’d jeopardize my families future by not having life insurance. It almost came in handy for them when I fell over 30 feet last January and almost got killed. I’ve been off over a year and guess what, we’ve not had to change our lifestyle. You seem to be full of excuses….you don’t think you should have to move….don’t think you need to live in an area you don’t know… want things to change, yet you don’t want to make them change. Sounds like you want someone to do it for you. If you spent 30 years in the Aerospace industry and still can’t get by, you’ve done something wrong. Sorry, I’m not sorry for expecting people to better themselves. FYI, no one was attacking you either. Some people (you) just need things put in perspective.

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