Boston Terrier Cloth Face Mask

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How about 911? It is New York City that has it the worst. Boston Terrier Cloth Face Mask. Sure there are a lot of factors like density, pollution, health problems.

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Boston Terrier Cloth Face Mask

Boston Terrier Cloth Face Mask- black
Mask- black

But they have one thing over every other major city. Boston Terrier Cloth Face Mask. The fact that the people there breathed those fumes, dust and God knows what else during and after that event. May be why so many police and fire people are getting Covid worse than others. Studies show that they have more illnesses, cancer,bronchial problems , asthma, etc since that terrible day. And this virus attacks the lungs, and those already compromised are at greater risk. This is fact and rule areas as well there is lack of healthcare for poor city and rural areas. There’s Also the situation with these families cannot buy a months worth of groceries to stay locked up they have to go weekly if not every three days based on the income they bring in. There’s a lot of factors that have proven over the generations that when a pandemic goes around it is the floor that is hurt the most. History continues to repeat it self. My sister had cirrhosis and survived 6 years because she had Medicaid. Her health insurance was better than mine. She was poor and on SSI disability. Amongst the other state the populated area is newyork around a population of roughly 20 million which shows densely populated and upon that there are so many reckless people and that’s the cause of being epicenter. Tc and rip to all who lost their beloved and and loved ones.

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