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let the dice fall where they may .and with all respects may the best man win .and for me is Our president..May God bless Donald thrunp .What court has found any of that “evidence ” probative or competent. Example, the affidavit and the testimony in one of those ballroom show hearings in which the affiant said she saw poll workers wearing BLM face masks ” with rhinestones.” Bow Hunter Hunting Deer 3D Hoodie. I’m sure it’s true.The Trump lawsuits are being summarily dismissed as specious uniformly across jurisdictions, state courts and federal court, judges who identify as Republicans and Democrats.

Bow Hunter Hunting Deer 3D Hoodie

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The unanimous opinion of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals dismissing Trump’s appeal is telling. The judge that wrote the opinion noted: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. ” That judge was appointed to the 3rd Circuit by Trump. Trump was impeached and not exonerated for a reason. He wasn’t innocent of all counts but they had to wait until he was out of office to go further with the case. That would be up to Biden I guess but Biden said he didn’t want to pursue it. But then again Trump might be able to pardon himself. But, even if he can their are certain offenses he can’t get out of. Crime after crime after crime. He has already decided to pardon many family members for crimes committed while he was president. They can show us all kinds of counterfeit chopped up evidence at a hearing that isn’t permissible in a court of law. The whole thing was just for theater. Donald Trump has collected over $200 million since election day. He gets to keep seventy cents on the dollar. Bow Hunter Hunting Deer 3D Hoodie. The minute Trump were to concede that money would have stopped . He has been planning this for quite a while. He knows quite well that he did not win the election and he also knows that nobody cheated. Biden was favored to win the election months before he won the election. It was predicted that he would win because he was running 60% over Trump in all of the polls since August.It was no surprise that Biden was going to win. If there was any fraud in this election it was trump sending out his minions to make it look like Biden cheated because he knew damn well he wasn’t going to win. Oh well, I guess the next best thing would to be to get $200 million. Hold a few little hearings, incite your base, put on a show! He has received more than enough money to may off some of his debt to China and to keep him out of prison. He never cared about us. It makes me sick that he would use his most loyal followers this way. But he’s not done with them yet and they will do and feel whatever he tells them to. Please stop sending him money… I have a couple of questions – why did Trump take out hundreds of sorting machines and equipment from many post offices throughout the country just weeks before the election? Not having this machinery really slowed mail processing down because many extra workers had to sort all the mail by hand. At the same time Trump fired the Post Master General that had held this position for years and replaced him with one of Trump’s wealthy retired friends . What was all that about? And, why all of a sudden would a wealthy retired man want to spring out of retirement to take on the United States post offices? What is that guy doing now?

Do you love it? Bow Hunter Hunting Deer 3D Hoodie. Available in more style, buy it today before we sell out.

As You most likely know Biden had been at least 60% over Trump in all of the polls since August. So it was no surprise, or shouldn’t have been , to anybody that Biden won. Although It was very surprising to many that Trump received as many votes as he did. So, do you think we should call for an investigation, an audit, and a count for all of the red states? Now, it’s time for the post offices to get that equipment back but most of the machines are stripped of parts??? I wonder what that is about? Also, legal documents were drawn up and were ready go professing that the election was rigged and fraudulent. These documents contained details regarding Dominion machinery 4 weeks before weeks before the election ever happened. I wonder what that was about?

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