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I don’t know why religious nutters are so obsessed with thinking Bill Gates of all people wants to chip them. Bowling tropical hawaiian shirt. Yet they are fine giving all of their personal info to corporations via their cellphone that constantly tracks their movements.

Bowling tropical hawaiian shirt

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Go figure. Bill Gates builds the chip, like his computers they will not last no more than a year, now Apple makes it we are in trouble. There are many videos that appear on the internet showing things that the mainstream media do not show which are irrefutable but do not fit the necessary agenda promoted by said media which completely undermines confidence in impartiality and the hope that everything that should be shown actually is shown. Bowling tropical hawaiian shirt. Just would like to point out that I am not saying anything positive regarding conspiracy theories but am pointing out why people have lost faith in governments and media when things that should be reported are not. the reality is Facebook and YouTube and the like are mainstream media these days and I think it’s funny all these things people claim are being hidden yet are both easy to find and easy to dispel. Bill Gates is worried about conspiracy theories, he doesn’t want anything interfering in his plan to have healthy people vaccinated. Healthy people don’t need a vaccine. A healthy immune system is capable of fighting off deadly viruses. It should be concerning especially when doctors who are experts, who are well educated than the rest of us ordinary people on this thread, are being silenced, their videos are being taken down, every time they mention therapeutics.

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