Breast cancer horses no one fights alone shirt



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Instead of having them build a colonial settlement in Palestine just give them part of your own country.. Senator, you are an honest politician and you have strong opinions otherwise you would have been the president of the United states and not biden.. The US has backed Israel no matter what they do. It’s totally bullshit! Also, how can the US say they/we hope to promote peace when we provide the weapons that Israel uses? It’s always been this way.. agree. All lives matter!! President Trump had peace deals and there was no fighting there!. Thank you, Bernie. All the way from Tel Aviv. You are a sane voice in the madness that is spreading in this region.. In no way shape or form the Palestanian-Israeli issue should be defined as a conflict. The so called conflict is another form of words manipulation that western powers use in rephrasing colonialism, occupation, apartheid. The human rights violations and Crimes committed by the #IsraeliOccupation simply do not equate the retaliation of Palestanians. Breast cancer horses no one fights alone shirt

Breast cancer horses no one fights alone shirt

Thank you Bernie! Breast cancer horses no one fights alone shirt All lives matter!! No innocent citizen death is acceptable! (Both sides). Thank you!! As a Jewish American I find it APPALLING how the Palestinian people are dehumanized in this conversation. They deserve a homeland and a right to live in peace.. Absolutely. Stop it. How can we be anything if there is no compassion for our Palestinian brothers and sisters and children?. If israel has absolute right to live, what about Palestinians those who have been forced to leave their homes, stolen thier farmland by Jewish extremist?. That’s great then tell hamas to stop spending aid money on rockets and invest in the people who are dirt poor in Gaza. Peace and rights work both ways. Spending billions on rockets instead of your land speaks volumes on how much they care about there people of gaza. At least condemn the blatant war crimes being committed daily by Israel. If any other country acted that way then America would have “intervened” immediately.

Breast cancer horses no one fights alone shirt

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