Breast cancer messed with the wrong chick shirt



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California’s recall election is all about GOP related big business, big Ag control of the state. They are wanting the recall election because they didn’t like how Newsom handled the pandemic (exactly the same way 49 other states handled it). That is how the Trump GOP gaslighted their followers to believe but the real story is big Ag and big business $$ wanting control of water and the state.. Did they buy all of the elections? Liberals and conservatives? Democrats and Republicans? Every single voter? I have never gotten a single payment. Where do I sign up?. Neither should large corporations . Neither should the Democratic or Republican parties.. That’s precisely why ‘Citizens United’ must be ended in it’s entirety. Along with many maneuvers in place for the Top 1% and Corporate Interests’ control of a Government supposedly founded by and for the people and the People’s True needs and Vital desires. The Opportunity to Capitalize on our Country’s Potential demands that ALL pay their Fair Share. Current Tax rates do not reflect that being the case and it’s change is not just a preference: It is Mandatory to make the ‘American Dream’ a Reality we can all enjoy daily! Breast cancer messed with the wrong chick shirt

Breast cancer messed with the wrong chick shirt

Jeff Ireland. so outlaw any adds other than those allowed and allotted during certain times for all those approved by application to run for the office. All get the same time, then their funds will be obvious by the production and we can more closely pay attention to the message and notice the production of those trying to sway with funding.. Simple.. go back to paper ballots and stop complaining about voter laws because you think non-white americans aren’t capable of obtaining an ID!. No one should be able to buy elections.. Bernie, here in Mississippi the Supreme Court has rejected a medical marijuana initiative that the 74% of Mississippians voters for. The majority of democrats and republicans. What can we do to make sure our votes get counted and should we have hope that this can be overturned? It is very upsetting. I will never ever vote red in my life and I think the conservative people here may not either after the republicans in the state Supreme Court overstepped their boundaries. How can we continue the fight if our leaders won’t let us put any issues in the ballot. Breast cancer messed with the wrong chick shirt

Breast cancer messed with the wrong chick shirt

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