Brick and mordy shirt, tank top and v-neck

Do you want it? Brick and mordy shirt. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Here’s the results of the 2016 New York State Democratic Primary. Brick and mordy. The result speaks for itself. Bernie easily won 51 out of 62 counties. The 11 counties that Hillary won is also a list of the 11 most populated counties With the exception of Albany. Voting results in adjacent districts were wildly different.

Brick and mordy shirt

Brick and mordy tank top
tank top
Brick and mordy v-neck
Brick and mordy sweatshirt

It’s great news, but Bernie, why the hell did it take Andrew Yang to sue for this? Where were you? Why are you submitting to a party leadership that screwed you twice. Republicans are known for voter suppression, but I never imagined that I would become a disenfranchised voter at the hands of my own party. Brick and mordy. It does not feel good. Could you please tell Matt Berg to be more responsible and respectful with Puerto Rico’s aspiring delegates? My name is Laura Mia Gonzalez, PR delegate. We are learning about the primary process in Puerto Rico through the press, Berg has not answered any of my emails. Great time for you to unsuspend and aggressively attack the injustices of the Democratic Party.

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