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I have 3 college degrees and a MENSA level IQ. Brooklyn strong face mask. I’ve read the bible front to back and spent years studying various religions.

Brooklyn strong face mask

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I’m fully educated. I know that is religious and that’s all I need to know. As I stated before I fully supported this move until I read the lyrics. Religion is a plague on society. You’re picking the wrong fight. I don’t have any issue with a black national anthem being played. I have an issue with religious songs being played. Don’t confuse the issue. Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, a Blackfeet leader, designed the Redskins Logo in 1972 inspired by Chief Two Guns White Calf. They also got their name from an Indian. Some more EDUCATION to go with your 3 Degrees and IQ. kinda like the monuments and flags that people want removed have been part of our culture and history for years. Interesting. Brooklyn strong face mask. The truth is; nobody can really matter until Black Lives Matter. this country was built on inequality- and black people have been systematically oppressed and discriminated since the beginning… (and Native Americans, but that’s a longer comment.). When black people criticize structural inequality it’s not about you, personally. Again: It’s Not. About. You. Personally. So don’t try to make it all about you. ……..That means taking a step back and listening to the people who are impacted by racism day in and day out. If you’re going to add your voice to a dialogue — which you should — make sure you’re adding value to the conversation, and not just silencing the grievances of people of color.t’s goi.

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