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God Bless this Father and family and please bring him closure. Brooklyn Nets NBA face mask. Thank you Sean for Brining this Family to Americans so they can truly see what happens when Radicals rule and there is no Law and Order. There must be compromises.

Brooklyn Nets NBA face mask

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face mask – detail

Thanks Sean for giving this father and his son the attention that they deserve! Amazing interview but broke my heart!! How this father has not been given any information or had anyone contact him is disgusting. Hard to hold back tears, watching this last night. I am just a few miles from Seattle, and so angry about all that has been going on, for a number of years, in this diminishing city. The voters in Washington state are mostly sheep, doing what they are told. To many followers, and very little leadership. Brooklyn Nets NBA face mask. This was a very hard watch. It exposed the real cost of the idiocy being allowed in so many cities. I find it so hard to grasp that same emotion is being played over and over every weekend in so many cities.

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