Bryant Jordan James Champion shirt, tank top

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It is the only transcript of the call, research – this is old fake news that there is a recording or another transcript. Stop hyping lies. Vishoot BS stop lying Trump and trying to scam more money. Remember you’re a multi-billionaire. You don’t need money unless you’re lying ajj no out that too! Bryant Jordan James Champion. Rigazio whistleblower really.

Bryant Jordan James Champion

Bryant Jordan James Champion tank top
tank top
Bryant Jordan James Champion sweatshirt
Bryant Jordan James Champion hoodie

The statute says he cant be fired it doesnt say he has to have unanimity all others testified why is he special? It’s because he was coached and is part of the plot .when this passes the treasonous democrats will try with something else this is treason. Taylor and Kent are great Americans. Why won’t you have your cabinet members answer the subpoenas and defend you Donnie? Vicky Troyer Didn’t you read the Whistle blower’s attorney’s warning? Trump is toast if he even touches the Whistle Blower, or incites violence against the person. After that, Donny, shut the up about the Whistle Blower. He’s has been and always will be a coward. Chris Sherman guilty of what dumbass? He’s the most vetted government official in the history of ever! Bryant Jordan James Champion. The idiot libtards have nothing. We’ve seen this movie before with Mueller time… Remember the Mueller disaster? Massive voter fraud is the libtards only chance. The entire GOP said outright that he was a corrupt, race baiting idiot before the nomination. They are now defending this same idiot. God you’re stupid. Bring on the whistle blower who started this mess, than I m sure the President will show. The President has the right to know his accuser.

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