Buffalo bills face mask

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Because for a virus that has a less than 1% death rate stated by Fauci himself. Buffalo bills face mask. This is not about health this is about seeing how controllable the population is.

Buffalo bills face mask

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You don’t know what you don’t know and for that I am being considerate. But you all will see. It probably doesn’t help that the CDC out of the gate explained in great detail how masks were dubious protection at best and often worse than no mask due to the natural inclination of people to constantly touch the mask. If they work so well, why are the people who wear them so worried about those that don’t? If grandma has a magical mask on she is protected right? Buffalo bills face mask. If I have the flu I avoid being around others. If wearing a mask can save others I will gladly wear one . It’s called being considerate. yup, and getting the flu vaccine is another way to protect not only yourself but others too. Don’t you find that people are not really that considerate when they have the flu or a cold? They go to work, send their kids to school anyway. For those who can get the flu shot, just go,and do it.i speak from first hand experience. There are many who will say the flu vaccine makes them sick, but for,most of us , that is only a small symptom, in the long run we have not experienced any reactions to the flu shot. you won’t ever see me get a vaccination for covid. Who knows what long term effects could be. So that’s a hard NO.

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