Bugs bunny ew people face mask

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You’ve forgotten the “Caravan” that came to the border seeking asylum and some were turned away and some were arrested and placed in cages. Bugs bunny ew people face mask. Minors were separated from their families and some are STILL in cages at the border, when they’re supposed to be turned over to social services… but go on and continue with tour triggered posts, it’s hilarious!

Bugs bunny ew people face mask

Bugs bunny ew people face mask - pic 1
face mask – pic 1

Did your 2 daddies call you Burnz because you never know what you are talking about and always get burned by your own stupidity? Bugs bunny ew people face mask. Or is it like a family name ? Cause Burnz is a unique first name … just sayin. But the fact you think your claim of “white people claim more welfare” is correct once you look at % of population against % of claims is absolutely laughable. Ask trump since he employed many. Read those reports. He knowingly and willfully employed them while at the same was using ICE to round up undocumented immigrants. There are people who need asylum to the US because they currently live in a country that’s being destroyed by war, yet all the economical migrants from central / South America some how think they are entitled to cross the boarder illegally, and then complain when they are detained. That’s my opinion, you’re never going to change it, you can use all the “what about” arguments you like. I’m entitled to my opinion, which I share with a lot of people on this country. Give me a crime ridden hotspot in America and I can tell you two facts about it without even looking.

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