Build this wall face mask

Do you want it? Build this wall face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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The important thing is to take the time and choose from all of these remarkably well qualified women. Build this wall face mask. My personal choice is Stacey Abrams. Back in November, I told all my friends that my choice for the Democratic ticket was Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams. So half of it is true already. I think Stacey brings us an important voice in the southern states. We all know the electoral college favors these states. As someone who lives in California, I am proud of my senator, but the reality is wear a blue state already; you got us.

Build this wall face mask

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All you sheep are voting so blindly. All this guy does is hide in his basement and tweets about how Donald Trump is tweeting. Won’t get on camera and lay out the plans for his administration, definitely not man enough to debate, just hiding in his basement expecting a bunch of fools to vote for him. Whoever it is will be the next VP. Build this wall face mask. America is tired of the hate and gross incompetence of the trump administration. Don-the-con is the most pathetically inept president in history. We know why you haven’t announced your running mate yet because you have no clue and haven’t been told who to pick. I’m not a campaign manager by any means but maybe you should tell your running mate first and THEN your supporters.

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