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You are right , that you have the right to vote whenever you feel that you’re ready, just remember that one of the candidates will win, and if you do decide that one is still better from the other, or least of the evil. Bull-Schiff. I believe you should vote for him.


Bull-Schiff v-neck
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That’s how I felt about President Trump, and I’m so happy I did. Ever heard of freedom of speech? So, yes, people have the right to speak their mind, even if they don’t vote. And, he also explained why he didn’t vote. I’m a libertarian my vote is for trump I’ve seen some evil crap and it’s all the left… Smarts is seeing the democratic party they are fascist socialists… Guess what the nazi party was in Germany. Well said in every way , only wish those numbskull dems in office would take your advice instead of the hate they have for Trump. No matter what he does it’s always wrong in their brainless heads . Fryman could you imagine the change that would happen over night if everyone in this country just lived with love in there hearts and for each other. Bull-Schiff. He admitted his guilt on the South lawn of the White House. Besides all the other horrible things he’s done, what does he have to do to make you realize that he’s a horrible, terrible person, and should not be running this country? And if you say the economy, you get a poke in the eye. Are you really so stupid as to not realize everyone involved in the hearings is salaried and gets paid the same no matter what aspect of their job they’re doing? There was no outside special council hired understand?

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