Bulldog girl therapist best friend poster

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I feel that person driving way too fast up to the place where they get the shot. MUST GET JAB. FAST AS POSSIBLE.. Opening it up to everyone like the testing would be more efficient.. Maybe this isn’t something you should be bragging about.. This is why we need to fund public health infrastructure all over the state. It’s not Newsom’s fault that doesn’t exist. It’s the fault of people who starve and revile government then refuse to take responsibility for the consequences.. Thank you Governor! Got my appt. with my provider today, and am feeling encouraged.. Thank you Governor Newsom! Ignore those recall trolls trying to overturn the will of California!!!. What about people younger than age 65 who have comorbidities? Are they eligible?. Cannot get an appointment in Riverside! I am 75 .. I’m a teacher waiting for my turn. If you want to open schools, we need t vaccinate educational staff. This will take time so the sooner the better. Bulldog girl therapist best friend poster

Bulldog girl therapist best friend poster

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Thank you for ruining small businesses! Thank you for not providing an education for our kids (one that we pay taxes for)! Thank you for doing everything you can to destroy the middle class. No small business owner or parent should ever vote for a D… See More. As much as I’ve supported Newsom in the past, I think he’s tragically failed dealing with this pandemic when he reopened everything up too soon. That will be his downfall.. You need to open up small businesses!!! Restaurants are being permanently destroyed, and barber/beauty shops are also losing everything! They have practiced YOUR safety guidelines and do NOT need to be closed! STOP this nonsense and allow them to r… See More. Stop lying and stealing from the people of California!. What rules are you going to change today? I’m pretty much fighting depression now because of the lockdown.. Gavin Newsom why aren’t breastfeeding mothers being given any priority for getting the vaccine? We want to protect our newborns and have been largely on lockdown our entire pregnancy and postpartum months to stay protected, please add us to the earlier… See More Bulldog girl therapist best friend poster

Bulldog girl therapist best friend poster

Because masks work. Right. Poor leadership by Newsom in getting the vaccine out, it is not like he didn’t know it was going to be available by the end of the year, he had plenty of time to prepare. Thank you Governor for focusing on vaccinations. Once we are on vaccinating at a more rapid pace, the economy and school opening will follow. Continue to make vaccine the priority. Good job.. Please, make a mask mandate for the state of California,Will get better faster, if everyone wears masks, -some people are not taking it seriously!!. I appreciate the need for expansion of the vaccine but my 97 y.o. father who lives in assisted living facility in Sonoma still hasn’t been vaccinated. We’re told that they will receive notice 5-7 days in advance but they haven’t received that notice ye… See More. Need vacation now. Very high risk. When can I get? That is all we need to know. What are you waiting on. Good grief.

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