Butterfly all over prints face mask

Do you love it? Butterfly all over prints face mask. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Tired of seeing the working class destroyed? Help get progressives elected at the local level. Here’s the strategy: elect Berniecrats. Butterfly all over prints face mask. Get them on the ballot. Filing dates are here!!!! Want to make a difference, join your Local Berniecrats. Vote absentee straight blue to save our earth, democracy, post office, courts, schools, have rich pay taxes, eliminate homelessness and bigotry, and raise minimum wage. Investigate his 26 accusations. It is not a hoax. Healthcare not warfare.

Butterfly all over prints face mask

Butterfly all over prints face mask - pic 1
face mask – pic 1

Profiteering during a pandemic needs to be stopped. Especially when you don’t pay workers a living wage. A Truman Commission style investigation needs to occur, with fines and jail time for those who profited while millions suffered. Why can’t the government cut out the middle man and have their own distribution center employed by workers that have benefits, rights and a union! The money could go back into our economy instead of being numbers in the bank of Bezos. We would not have to rely on a greedy CEO to pay people fairly. Butterfly all over prints face mask. What’s wrong with paying workers a living wage and ensuring that they are working in safe conditions? If he was doing that while making his money, no one would care. It’s possible to do both. You don’t have to lose integrity to be successful. It’s not jealousy. It’s common sense to want our fellow human beings to be treated with dignity.

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