Butterfly my angel husband poster

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They made their little benchmark that HAD to be met in order to move forward with the plan of re-opening America. Butterfly my angel husband poster. No States have met it and now the quest for the mighty dollar is once again center stage. We won’t support your buddy Joe in any way. He has a horrible history and in the times of desperation neither he nor the Democratic Party have stepped up to put forth legislation for cancelling ALL student debt, providing Medicare for All Single Payer Health Care, UBI of $2000 per month, or a jobs program based on the Green New Deal. Joe will lose because he is a loser.

Butterfly my angel husband poster

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Why aren’t you going live on social media in support of striking workers, raising money for them instead of a segregationist, corporate shill, rapist? Butterfly my angel husband poster. Why do you refuse to call out party leadership? Why did you not make any demands of Biden before pledging your support? You have sold us all out. Get lost. The current administration is incapable of creating a comprehensive plan based on safety guidelines to reopen tentatively for people’s sake and the economy. All this administration has done, is to cause “chaos” on all Phases of how it should conduct an appropriate response to a crisis of this Magnitude. Their goal and their Plan is to Destroy Democracy, and them will find, or capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way to apply it for their own Benefit.

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