Butterfly filter face mask

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Lockdowns been a sham anyhow! Butterfly filter face mask. Most people out all through this were elderly & disabled, shopping & chatting over fences.

Butterfly filter face mask

Butterfly filter face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

No masks either! Perhaps thats why they extended the retirement age & allowed them to work up to whatever they can yrs ago. I have followed the lockdown without question and will follow the governments advice on its easing as well. Lets stop the whining and lets see positive and constructive comment instead. Butterfly filter face mask. Maybe where you are , but i can assure you that where I live people are still being very good about social distancing, and i’m also sure that anybody who has been hospitalised and been fortunate enough to survive doesn’t think its a sham. People stuck to it where I am too. As an example all Grandparents I know have not seen their grandkids for over 7 weeks now. Teenagers, our own kids who are all over 20 etc – not seen their friends – socialising via zoom etc. It’s hard but if we don’t keep doing it we will be lockdowned for longer. South West the majority have kept to the lockdown, this is why we want visitors to stay away until a solution has been found. again a farce, not so much for sw but defo wales, supposed to be closed, telling people to stay away, my o/h had to go back to work to produce orders for a company whos open, they sell chassis (not much call for those at min) but they ferl they need to stockpile, if o/h company dont provide the goods they have a clause that they charge 4k compensation!

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