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That’s why you replied to me, right, honey? Lol. Jennie Logan Locati exactly -well said!. Jennie Logan Locati biden saving pfizer… pfizer couldn’t sell the doses in india, china n russia so pfizer being rescued with taxpayers money. Please, send some to countries that have US taxpaying citizens living abroad. We live in Argentina and there is no hope of getting vaccinated here. We have been told by the State Department that we must follow local distribution rules when asked if doses could be made available. Please help us.. Good! Letting them expire is such a tragic waste. We know not everyone will get the vax here in the US so let’s share it with other countries in need! . I am totally onboard with this, but I have a couple of thoughts. As we know too well, some of these countries are corrupt and unwilling to build their people up without there being something in it for them. How on Earth are we able to monitor that this is equally distributed to all the people and not just to whom said governments choose? Just a thought because, well you know what we have just got out of and in alot of places in America we are still having to fight for equality and rights. Butterfly Hippie girl to my daughter blanket

Butterfly Hippie girl to my daughter blanket

  Butterfly Hippie girl to my daughter blanket · 6:29 Thank you president Biden for saving our lives .God bless u sir..   · 0:00 Barbara Pritchard you should be thanking President Donald Trump…w/o Operation Warp Speed, there’d be NO vaccines..   · 0:00.   · 0:03 Trish Glavin ACTUALLY evidence has been shown that TRUMP only stalled the process. DELAY DELAY DENY… See More.   · 0:00 Renee Stowe oh honey. Dr. Fauci lied and people died. Cuomo put Covid sick patients into nursing homes instead of onto the comfort ship President Trump provided and Cuomo’s move KILLED THOUSANDS. So, you can get off your moral outrage soapbox now..   · 0:00 Trish Glavin Please stop repeating this nonsense! Trump had no effect on the vaccines! The scientists in their laboratories who worked day and night are the people who produced the vaccines!.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00 Renee Stowe I don’t think so he had it in 9 months. No one else could have done that.

Butterfly Hippie girl to my daughter blanket

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