Butterfly Quilt

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I see big tobacco is feeding your pockets well. nothing new though, honest journalism from the bbc has been a pipe dream for years now. Butterfly Quilt. Rich Sky look at all the lemmings buying into to the insta drama of today..tobacco is killing more daily than any vapers…people really are ignorant to the facts.

Butterfly Quilt

Butterfly Quilt - Twin
Quilt – Twin
Butterfly Quilt - Queen
Quilt – Queen
Butterfly Quilt - King
Quilt – King

Someone tell Massachusetts and Rhode Island cause we banned all the flavors even though it’s regulated by the fda and the ban is empowering the black market which is actually the problem. Is Vaping really that advanced tha we can attribute these problems to just vaping or types of e-liquids etc more research please. Look at the reports from the Medical Journals and you would see that the Medical people are saying that the vapes are dangerous. Butterfly Quilt. Maggie Blyth and your drinking the Kool-aid from Big Tobacco….this smear campaign has nothing to do with Vaping beyond destroying it…because Tobacco and Cigarette sales are at an all time low…while vaping has had a 80% increase in sales. Vaping viable good quality juices do not that the side effects of hurting these people. Low quality juices and vaping systems are to blame. Big Tobacco is one of the worst groups designing bad Vapes…anything you can buy at a gas station is bad for you…all owned by big Tobacco and use subpar materials. Medical Journals are owned and made by the government…which takes money in droves from Big Tobacco to reduce regulation on Cigarettes and Tobacco product. Vaping doesnt have Arsenic and Formaldehyde in the Juice.

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