BW engine It’s not a phase poster

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You haters can say any stupid thing you choose about this great man but truth is he loves and cares for all folk…..’and that’s Godly….. And helped this generation understand how to dump cons and liars out the White House!. Let’s do it! Obama and Michelle you’re great and brave human beings! Thank you so much. I give you both a big biggggg hug from Évora Portugal. It’s great to see you are fighting hard everyday Mr. President. Please Barack Obama remember the poor african child also,many live without hope in slums without food,water and education.. Trump is still the president of America. World leaders should serve us by your example…… leaving white house didn’t mean you stopped being a leader…….You are one strong leader…..An inspiration to many. The best president ever, I love your wife. Thank you for keeping this country great from others!. I can’ not believe how people could possibly not like and appreciate this man!!! BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It’s not a phase poster

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BW engine It’s not a phase poster 3
BW engine It's not a phase poster 2
BW engine It’s not a phase poster 2
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BW engine It’s not a phase poster 1

Thank you for this. My dad was an independent bookseller, so this means a lot.. You are missed Mr. President. Because of you, I read different authors and listen to a totally wider range of musicians.. We were about to enter One More Page Bookstore when your entourage arrived in 2012. It was my birthday, and you obliged with a hug after shopping. One of my favorite birthday memories! Thanks for supporting small businesses.. Was so cool having a President who could read. Didn’t have to worry about running into any Republicans there! . Thank you for always supporting not only small businesses but literature, Mr President!. Living your values. Actions speaking louder than words. This is why you are respected the world over Barack Obama seasons greetings to you and your family. From a former independent bookstore owner, GAIA Bookstore in Berkeley, which closed due to Amazon, your words are a symphony of goodness, Barack! Keep buying independently, friends! It makes our communities stronger! BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It’s not a phase poster

The best gift I’m buying my partner this year is a book I’m purchasing online directly from a local author . You and your family are such thoughtful folks. Thank you for that. Great examples to follow.. Yes. This is very important. These small businesses mostly live on their profits
They feed their families on it. Also it so much more personable! No I do not own a small business.. I had thought I couldn’t love him more, but after watching the first two episodes of his story, my heart is bursting with pride. He was the best. I wish I knew he and his family personally. . That’s really a great gesture Barack Obama. Certainly will boost sales for these stores during Pandemic. Dear Mr. Presidente Barack O’bama! You’re always signaling the Way!. This is a wonderful tradition. Books are great sir. Respect to you. Respect.. Thank you for your support of indies over the years. It means everything, to the stores, their communities and their employees.

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