Calgary flames filter face mask

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I’m sure glad we have our great president Trump. He will only use guns as a last resort… He won’t let other countries walk all over America or sell us out like a few Democrats I could mention. Selling arms to Iran, bowing to foreign leaders, do I need to say more. Conventional right wing wisdom-get a job. Calgary flames filter face mask. Conventional oligarch mindset-workers are replaceable and therefore of little value. Middle class is squeezed into extinction. The best and most accessible solution is to support local small business, local small farmers, renewable sector jobs and join a freaking union. If you don’t trust unions, run for a leadership position and make it better.

Calgary flames filter face mask

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Jeff Bezos is the poster boy for what is wrong with this country. When the richest man lets the poorest (who work for him and create his income) suffer and go hungry he should be jailed for inhumane treatment and fined to the tune of their salaries for the duration of this pandemic. We need to police these people. Calgary flames filter face mask. I thought monopolies were against the law. Bill Gates and his wife are pouring Billions into health and other charitable work while Bezos, Zuckerberg et. al. seem insatiable, needing more wealth than they can ever use. Huge wealth, tiny human beings.

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