California for trump flag

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I don’t see any talent in the lot. We don’t need entertainers in public office. California for trump flag. We need citizens.

California for trump flag

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We don’t need people with political experience. That’s one of our problems. We need honesty. We need character. Most of all we need people with a sense of honor. None of the people shown above( to include creepy Joe) have any of the characteristics that we need as public servants. Most of all we kicked the British out of our country in order to form a more perfect union. I could care less what the BBC has to say on this matter. They are just running dog lackeys of the European bankers. California for trump flag. Although, I like Elizabeth Warren for her experience as a politician, I believe that Kamala Harris will be the perfect running mate for Biden, because she is young, smart and will be able to attract a lot of young minority voters, including Afro American voters. Right now is a bad time for cops. As a former prosecutor who locked up people for minor offenses, she is not a good choice right now. except for that debate where she basically called Biden a racist segregationist. I submit that that pick would seem disingenuous. Biden-Harris looks likely. She has the profile, support, money and ticks many demographic boxes for the electorate. Can’t see Biden running again in 2024 even if he wins, unless he has an amazing first term. Get Harris on the ticket and prepare her for leading the ticket in 2024. Maybe with Buttigieg as VP.

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