Cane Corso girl therapist best friend poster

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It was supposed to be site like schools or pharmacy. There’s a gd Walgreens or school in every neighborhood!. Where do we sign up?. I feel that person driving way too fast up to the place where they get the shot. MUST GET JAB. FAST AS POSSIBLE.. Opening it up to everyone like the testing would be more efficient.. Maybe this isn’t something you should be bragging about.. This is why we need to fund public health infrastructure all over the state. It’s not Newsom’s fault that doesn’t exist. It’s the fault of people who starve and revile government then refuse to take responsibility for the consequences.. Thank you Governor! Got my appt. with my provider today, and am feeling encouraged.. Thank you Governor Newsom! Ignore those recall trolls trying to overturn the will of California!!!. What about people younger than age 65 who have comorbidities? Are they eligible?. Cannot get an appointment in Riverside! I am 75 . Cane Corso girl therapist best friend poster

Cane Corso girl therapist best friend poster

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We need sites in more areas, closer to our homes. We’re old. Travel isn’t always possible.. I’m old (83) and I don’t want to drive down to Cal-Expo,…I have a doctor here and they have an office,….Sutter North.. If you would have worked with Trump, you wouldn’t have to play catch up now.. You can get a twofer and do a driving test on all the elders who show up. If they make it up to the front to get their shot Without knocking over any cones than they get their licence renewed.. You may also want to call on military medics. They can help with administering the vaccine if you are short on other healthcare professionals.. We need to move faster and understand, many seniors in OC do not have an app, or know what an app is, and so can’t sign up for Othena online appointments. I helped my mom, but many seniors do not have tech-savy helpers. A system needs to help Seniors… See More Cane Corso girl therapist best friend poster

Cane Corso girl therapist best friend poster

Now that the convicted felons have been taken care of, the rest of us law abiding, tax paying citizens can be accommodated. Yes, thank you governor Newsom.. No thanks! I think I’ll save my soul and tune out!. When does the Central Valley get a site? I have heard nothing.. Another photo opportunity for Newsom. In my county (Nevada County) – here is what the county posts on its web site: “As of January 13th, we’ve received just over 3,000 vaccines that have been allocated from the Federal supply by the State. There are mo… See More. What’s your excuse for wanting to recall Newsom?. I’d still have your babies, but you’re doing a terrible job. Your vaccine distribution efforts leave a lot to be desired.. While they are making room for vaccinations, people are being evicted and put out in streets because the state will not make Sacramento county up hold the moratorium on evictions. I am a single mother of 2 and my elderly mother with a heart condition w… See More

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