Cannabis Weed American Flag Face Mask

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Mentioned it once just barely and then every single rally after that it was only the malaria drug. Cannabis Weed American Flag Face Mask. It’s from your southern neighbor Cuba.

Cannabis Weed American Flag Face Mask

Cannabis Weed American Flag Face Mask- pic 1
Mask- pic 1

They’ve been using it since day one and also for other viruses in the past. Cannabis Weed American Flag Face Mask. The US only tested it in small quantities in the beginning…guess because it was Cuban. That’s the one the Doctors clearly thought had more potential and ran with first. Now they’re are trying some other ones too! “However, the trial does not include what’s known as a control group” I mean, wow. In other words, they don’t know if it works or not. CNN Just stop. It’s over, the whole world knows this is not about a virus and their is not need for 90% of us to get none of those fuxking vaccines with more freedom stripping fine print than the Facebook user agreement. I feel pain when I hear the death toll globally has hit almost 130,000 ..I blame these lazy bone..scientists, researchers, medics expertise and doctors for not coming up with a vaccine.. Or medicine to contain or control corona virus.. If your so smart come up with something instead of ridiculing. We hit 130k deaths so far….In this same time we lost 9 million people to other forms of death….not one from covd19. Simmer down and go wash your hands.. Not many people are aware of the vast amount of time and effort put into trying to develop vaccines and cures. The people involved in these efforts put their lives into it. These researchers are the last people anyone should refer to as lazy.

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