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I think we have seen this since day one. I kept hoping at some point the republicans would step in and say, Mr. President you cannot do/say that. Captain morgan hawaiian shirt. But after the Impeachment hearings it is clear that they are good with the president being a virtual dictator because it protects their best interests if we do not have fair elections.

Captain morgan hawaiian shirt

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Make all elections and voting day a national paid holiday. I would love to see a 100% turnout on election day. Lots of people turned out to protest. We stand in line at Wal-Mart. At the post office. At the DMV. The people of Iraq risked their lives and the lives of their lives to vote. Surely we should have that courage. Captain morgan hawaiian shirt. The polling places need to adapt and be open all day. Those that are not privileged with the convenience to go in-person would be discredited in the election. If we help cover shifts or babysit or whatever is needed to allow every eligible voter to go to the actual poles, then we can overcome their political manipulation of the law.
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