Cardinals punisher skull filter face mask

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You were the first politician I ever stood behind, and believed in. I advocated for you, and followed all of the commitments and passion you put into America. I. am. devastated. You invigorated me- a person who was completely jaded by the system. I’ve been crying on and off since your speech yesterday. Cardinals punisher skull filter face mask. I’m here to keep fighting. Please keep fighting for us, and you have a huge coalition supporting you and the movement.

Cardinals punisher skull filter face mask

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Saddened by the news, had hoped Bernie would stay on, even if Joe’s numbers with supporters are higher. Interestingly, most Americans living abroad support Bernie they are the ones who enjoy living in societies much like the one Bernie wants ours to be. Joe Biden now will get my vote, and I believe the best thing he could do to have the most Bernie supporters switching to him is to choose a progressive VP, as well as opening up some of his plans to embrace (to the extent that he and the DNC are comfortable with) more of Bernie’s dreams. Cardinals punisher skull filter face mask. The best news here is that Bernie will continue working for us from the Senate, and in that capacity of his and any other work he may take up in the future, I will remain a loyal supporter. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of a vision of intelligence and heart uncommon in politics. Best wishes and still with him

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