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I have to say I honestly never thought it would happen but I finally read a post earlier from a man who after some soul searching realizes he was wrong for having faith in and voting for Biden. He saw the light. I was actually happy for him. They can show us all kinds of counterfeit chopped up evidence at a hearing that isn’t permissible in a court of law. The whole thing was just for theater. Donald Trump has collected over $200 million since election day. He gets to keep seventy cents on the dollar. Cassette mix tape doormat. The minute Trump were to concede that money would have stopped .

Cassette mix tape doormat

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He has been planning this for quite a while. He knows quite well that he did not win the election and he also knows that nobody cheated. Biden was favored to win the election months before he won the election. It was predicted that he would win because he was running 60% over Trump in all of the polls since August. It was no surprise that Biden was going to win. If there was any fraud in this election it was trump sending out his minions to make it look like Biden cheated because he knew damn well he wasn’t going to win. Oh well, I guess the next best thing would to be to get $200 million. Hold a few little hearings, incite your base, put on a show! He has received more than enough money to may off some of his debt to China and to keep him out of prison. He never cared about us. It makes me sick that he would use his most loyal followers this way. But he’s not done with them yet and they will do and feel whatever he tells them to. Please stop sending him money…and what about those Republicans who deliberately voted for Biden because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump? Cassette mix tape doormat. Are you going to call them traitors ?All US presidents who ran for a second term were re-elected and always having fewer voters than the first time. Paradoxically, Trump is not re-elected being the only US president to increase his vote from 63 million to 74 million precisely because, until the China virus arrived, the country had achieved the greatest economic success in the last 50 years: minimum unemployment, highest tax cut and record-breaking stock market.  Biden will be the first president in 60 years to lose Ohio and Florida. For a century these states confirmed the national result. False polls gave Biden the lead in both states, but he lost in Ohio by eight points and in Florida by three. In 19 counties with nearly perfect presidential voting records over the past 40 years, President Trump has conquered all, except Clallam’s in Washington. The counties overwhelmingly chose President Trump, but Biden is president in a magic of making Harry Potter with hair standing on end!On election night, Trump was ahead in decisive states and the counting stopped. Restarted the next morning, the votes in favor of Biden did not stop growing and up to 700,000 votes that Trump had the upper hand in Pennsylvania were quickly outnumbered. Is it normal to have a system malfunction at a time like this and on top of that with a venezuelan software?The polls, always giving Biden an advantage of 10 points and denied now even with the 51% obtained by him, lead us to believe that they were an orchestration of the powerful national and international media precisely to Biden’s victory was more easily accepted. Democrats governors imposed a confinement for many months leding to the bankruptcy millions of businesses and jobs and deaths from various diseases.

Do you love it? Cassette mix tape doormat. Buy it today before we sell out.

Ask all these people for whom they voted, because with the second covid wave and Biden president he would extend the confinement to all country.I’ve been wondering if any would ever admit they were wrong once they FINALLY see the truth! Especially after all the evil names they’ve called us and looked down on us all as if we’re idiots. I just pray that God graces Trump for another 4 years,, and that we can all work together, to fix all the problems,, so we never need to fight like this over cheating, fraud, and the threats.

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