Cat all over prints cloth mask

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I’ll come together with the rest of Americans who are tired of the 2 party system; who are tired of the fear voting; who were behind you as the last hope of the democratic party, then let down yet again. Cat all over prints cloth mask. I’m tired of voting for the lessor of 2 evils. I’m going green this year to vote FOR something instead of against. I’m excited to see how many of like minds do “come together ” this November.

Cat all over prints cloth mask

Cat all over prints cloth mask - detail
cloth mask – detail

Why do we have to wait… I say we have a vote of no confidence while invoking the 25th Amendment. He has created a Jim Jones-like cult who don’t care at all who they end up taking to the grave with them. We need to cause these corrupt leaders pain for what they have done to us. No more compromise. Cat all over prints cloth mask. Destroy them and their houses. Destroy their lives. Destroy the destroyers. We do refuse Trump but we will not vote for Joe Biden either. Bernie you know as well as I do at the Democratic party rig this election against you again from day one. You would have beaten Donald Trump hands down the Democrats know it, the Republicans know it We the People Know It oh, and I know you know it is well. Joe Biden would have never stood a chance with you. This was a rigged election from day one. To put in yet another Corporate America latest to remove an imbecilic corporate elitist makes no sense to me. We might as well leave the bought and sold puppet we have in office now because we know damn well he’s not going to do anything for another 4 years. There’s no telling what the corrupt Democratic party will do. Maybe in 2024 both parties will be exposed for what they are and we will have no other choice but to dismantle a broken and a corrupt two party system

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