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The people who warned us about Trumps narcissistic materialistic greed as toxic are idolizing celebrities driving Ferrari’s and preaching empathy from castles to people in tents. Cat Baking and wine make me less murdery poster The elites hustle is to keep your mind on the rabbit hole social justice movements while they displace millions of poor into the most inhospitable places on the planet to make room for wealthier clients. The liberal moral compass is a brown woman strutting in luxuries in front of homeless people complaining about non empathetic people on social media. Black youth wearing 5 karat bling pointing at white men in work trucks chanting white privilege.. If your private debt is to be the burden of all America, then you should receive no benefit beyond the elimination of debt: Your default becomes my debt and you receive all the benefit? No, no, not so quick! If your debt is now mine to pay, I demand a little equity! Forfeit your degree and benefit, then you’ll be equal to me, Although I will still be in deficit.

Cat Baking and wine make me less murdery poster

I hope Trump is watching. This is what winning ACTUALLY looks like.. Govenor Polis is doing a great job in Colorado, so proud he is our Govenor. Now share with all of the rest of the other countries!. Now let’s win the fight against fascism. India was “winning” against the virus in January with only 8,000 cases, so they opened everything back up and people stopped wearing masks. I even had to tell my doctor to pull his mask up from his chin repeatedly. That worked out just great for them.. The push gor return to travel larger gatherings no masks many think Covid is done and yet people are contracting it variants are still turning up I plan to maintain cautionary practices.. Yes; do what they’re doing in Ohio and bribe people with millions and college scholarships to get the vaccine. SMH. So let’s keep wearing masks until we reach herd immunity! It’s too soon to give them up. Anti-vaxxers will just lie so they don’t have to keep wearing masks. Cat Baking and wine make me less murdery poster

Cat Baking and wine make me less murdery poster

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