Cat Yin Yang Cloth Face Mask

Do you want it? Cat Yin Yang Cloth Face Mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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New York City officials have no idea how many people are living on top of each other in poor, underserved neighborhoods. Cat Yin Yang Cloth Face Mask. Sanctuary policies have taken their toll on struggling communities.
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Cat Yin Yang Cloth Face Mask

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Mask- pic 1

Could it be the elevators, the subways, the busses?? Cat Yin Yang Cloth Face Mask. Los Angeles doesn’t have these numbers, we drive our own cars. Inadequate healthcare? I thought New York was the model for the nation, with its open arms to illegal, unvetted immigration. Are there numbers I’m the amount of people that have died and we’re also in a poor state of health. We have chronic diseases running rampant in this country along with incredibly unhealthy lifestyles. And before anybody says anything, I already know I’m a terrible person. This virus is definitely looking for the weak and you can’t blame the virus for that. Since moving forward we have to deal with this and possibly other recurrences or viruses people really need to take personal responsibility for their habits. Their habits are survival. Being in a social economic class that has minimal acess to health care or safe housing isn’t a habit, or choice for most. how many obese people died, how many people with chronic heart disease because of poor choices died, how many smokers died. Also are we now saying that with everything that’s going on in the last 3 weeks that poor people are being excluded from treatment? how about a type 2 diabetic that has no health insurance and can’t buy insulin is that their fault . Since I got the attention of a Dr I thought I should ask.

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