Cat grumpy face mask

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Oh he didn’t create the bidding war all by himself that has gone on for weeks between the federal government. Cat grumpy face mask. The states, companies, even celebrity sports figures got involved in buying PPE for our healthcare system.

Cat grumpy face mask

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mask- pic 1

But he sure put a TON of fuel behind it. Cat grumpy face mask. Don’t dare suggest I have no understanding of basic economics and then deny that this president has had a heavy hand in creating the economic mess we are knee deep into right now. If he were the CEO of any company in this country he would have been fired months ago because he isn’t man enough to accept the blame and resign like those far better than him. If enough manufacturers make the PPE per federal regulations and distribution, it would not only eliminate the middle man, but will also keep thousands of jobs! Update: The before mentioned is something that should have happened, but didn’t! Hence why Governors and other buyers are having to spend our state tax dollars and deal with some slimy POS looking to make a profit off of people’s misery!! I appreciate the optimism of some people who say that this crisis will present new opportunities. But in reality this is not an evolutionary crisis that arose as a consequence of a natural economic phenomenon, but rather, it is a great suppression of freedoms created by governments, and that will cause the bankruptcy of millions of businesses, and the unemployment and poverty of millions of people. There will always be opportunities, when leaders feel like opening economies, but even those new opportunities will come in an environment where there will be much more poverty and state coercion.

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