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Now there’s this crisis. Cat It’s 420 somewhere poster. So now I have a little cough that’s only every once in a while.

Cat It’s 420 somewhere poster

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I feel a little bit warm but it isn’t warm enough to register as a fever. Cat It’s 420 somewhere poster. What should I do? Can I get tested now? Is there anything i can do to prevent it besides social distancing and quarantine/isolation? I have the same issue, cough, tired, feeling warm on and off, and a bit of a sore throat, but no fever so I assume I don’t have it because I don’t have a fever but I’ve been staying away from family just in case, how do we know??? how can we be sure without being tested… As a service member, Marine, from the 80s-90s, has thought been given to see if those individuals previously taking malaria, and other drugs before deploying being checked as potential proof of the validity. Saying this, understanding that the value of the “vaccine” does break down over tine. I remember studying AIDS at the CDC in high school and being so fearful until I was educated on it. Thank you Magic for educating the public. Is it possible that this virus was with us longer than January such as last June I had same symptoms and was in the hospital with kidney failure … put on a ventilator in intensive care fore 3-4 days and 5 days later I was told that I had a touch of the pneumonia. Still don’t have a reason why I had kidney failure. CNN does great job on providing status of covid 19….has anyone discussed providing resources or better yet a physician to discuss and present coping mechanisms for adults and adolescents….everyone is going to 9r has already, a level of PTSD.

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