Cat nice butt poster

Do you want it? Cat nice butt poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.

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The pandemic is making evident how the system is rotten, doesn’t care about citizens, is racist and elitist. Cat nice butt poster. All these happening in one of the most exemplary and richest democracies of the world. Luckily we are not China. Bernie, but this is why the party prevented you from being nominated over and over. This message needs to be sent to both parties who depend on their lobbied money.

Cat nice butt poster

Cat nice butt poster - pic 1
poster – pic 1
Cat nice butt poster - pic 2
poster – pic 2

You help them. Just think back a few years. Could have help rewrite the healthcare. But all the government did is push thru a worthless bill. And how did deal Nancy say have to pass it to find out what’s in it. So now your are complaining. Just look in the mirror. I support Medicare for All: What I don’t support is insurance companies like Humana that provide my Part D insurance at substantial cost + stop paying their part of the cost of my prescriptions half way through the year, especially while they continue to collect their premium. Cat nice butt poster. That premium is unearned + prevents me from buying my own meds. Well then fight both parties and their corporate puppet masters, become President and fix this mess. Unless you just want to be part of the big Dem club, who don’t want you anyway.

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