Cat sword beyond here there be dragons doormat



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Carmela Rose LangleyAdvertise heavily the actual number of American jobs in America that will result from the Infrastructure Bill. ALL Americans want good paying jobs. Let them know that the Republicans are blocking that opportunity for them!Pause GIFTenor33 . Top FanLl PriceGOP politicians are diligent to make sure only wealthy donors reap the goodies afforded by government’s public purse. When anyone asks so much as a pittance for others, they jerk the strings closed in unison with a well-practiced “snap,” and with faces… See More11 . Top FanAlain JeannotGood, do the same. Pass 1 trillion $ on Medicare to finance the best Universal Health Care for Americans. Just copy laws from the 5 countries on top of the country index on health care and please learn from successes and failures from these countries … See More1 . Rebecca C RutlandAs long as political parties put themselves against each other, nothing gets accomplished. We need politicians that will compromise and cooperate with each other. And to that end, we need term limits and a Convention of States.8  Cat sword beyond here there be dragons doormat

Cat sword beyond here there be dragons doormat

Rebecca Szurczynski2022 is rapidly approaching. GET READY TO VOTE! From the East coast to the West and North to South we have to vote these @$$holes out9 . Paul CitroGetting real tired of the “Its all the Republican’s fault” line. Neither party is helping us. 6 . Daniel SpiegelSen. Sanders, here’s the problem. We have Sen. Manchin giving us the old ‘if we do A they’ll do B’ line. The one we’ve been hearing for 40+ years. The excuse to not stand up to the Republicans. OOOoooooo, they’ll do something mean!!! As if they haven’t, each. and. every. damn. time.The process needs to change, as follows: We are going to do A, because whether or not we do A, we know that, given the opportunity, the Republicans WILL do B. And by doing A, we may deprive them of that opportunity, which they will definitely get if we don’t do A.14  Cat sword beyond here there be dragons doormat

Cat sword beyond here there be dragons doormat

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