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On the other hand, if the voters declare Trump as the winner, then the electoral college voters MUST vote Trump. Cat remember to wipe poster. This is the same for all states.

Cat remember to wipe poster

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If electoral college voters go against their state’s voting, those electoral college voters will likely face criminal charges. Hope this helps you out. Well, Trump has been throwing fits like a toddler past his bedtime. What makes you think he will leave the White House playground without a epic tantrum? I believe Trump is trying his best to get our country headed back in the right direction. Cat remember to wipe poster. I believe what would help now more than anything is to get God back in our schools. So indoctrinate our children in other words into believing god gives two shits about our politics. Ok lunatic. How do you speak God & Trump in the same breath..God is not happy with this evil.. it truly amazes me how some of you really could possibly think that he is. The useless in the oval office has no penchant for God or religion. School is for academics; church/home is for religion. Shalev…just ignore these childish comments. This is how they act when they lose. Thing is, we didn’t act like little brats when Obama won. Then finally when Trump won…they tried everything in their power and abuse to impeach him and when that didn’t work they tried something else…like little brats screaming boohoo and soiling their pants. So just ignore these idiotic comments, they mean nothing. Yes , cnn Biden will fall apart before the elections and our greatest president ever will be president 4 more years and clean America.

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