Cat Remember to wipe poster

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We are also in the hot zone..people are dying everyday it’s become a New York here in deep South Texas. Cat Remember to wipe poster. Morgues are full and hospitals are too can’t handle anymore.

Cat Remember to wipe poster

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They were grown. Their mother is sharing their stories during her own anguish and pain in hopes to help others. How did you come up with that nonsense from this story? Warped. Wow…karma is something else. Thats the best thing you could say, then you shouldn’t of said anything. This is why masks are worn isolate and stay away from everyone . Noone should be traveling anywhere this is so sad. Cat Remember to wipe poster. So sorry for her lose but some of you posting those comments should put yourself in her position instead of criticize her … These comments are disgusting. Many people have made small adventures in their home state thinking they will be fine. You can go to the grocery store and still contract it. This mother sounded like she was just doing a small get away with her kids who were probably getting stir crazy (it didn’t say she was taking them to a theme park or anywhere crowded.) I hope she finds some peace and that she can keep a good mental state after such a tragic loss. No mother should lose a child, let alone two. Isn’t florida like a hot spot for covid? aren’t black people and men supposed to be more effected? what’s with people who can’t think logically. Some people will make bad choices just like Anti-maskers in texas but the mortality rate for black people would be expected to be higher. Black people are affected more because they make up most of the “essential” work force in the bigger cities and have a higher rate of exposure.

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