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Please know that a majority of Americans do not support and cannot stand him! Cat you are my sunshine poster. Our outdated, archaic electoral college allowed this.

Cat you are my sunshine poster

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The electoral college protects us from about 3 states winning everything every time. Cat you are my sunshine poster. It allows a Kansas wheat farmer or Idaho rancher to have some say In Washington DC. Together we are better than if one sort of thinking can bum rush the government. When Pres Obama gave his election pitch to San Francisco monied he essentially called those of us in fly over country lesser citizens as because of” bibles and guns”. That sort of dismissive judgmental thinking is what is usually considered bigotry. Eliminating the Electoral College would mean the cities would end up running the country. Smaller States & the entire Midwest would end up losing all power. A system carefully put in place by our nation’s founders not only to ensure the individual States joined the Union in the first place, but also, not unlike the Senate, to ensure the will of the minority didn’t get trampled by the majority. A national popular vote would take what small voice more rural citizens have away from them entirely, subjecting the rest of us to the will of people who do not share our values, our culture, or our way of life. One point about the “disinfectant” comment. It’s not that this country is worried about stupid people trying trump’s disinfectant “experiments”. It’s worrisome as to why a world leader would suggest such a stupid thing. He clearly wasn’t joking. To suggest otherwise would not be factual. A lack of common sense would be more plausible.

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